Hurricane Relief Support

Join our efforts to provide relief to those impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. SEE UPDATED LIST BELOW.
Please consider donating the following relief supplies
Monday-Friday from 8:00AM-3:30PM or Saturday and Sunday from 8:00AM-1:30PM
in the Community parking lot.

Items Urgently Needed:
*´╗┐The organization we are working with has specifically requested NO CLOTHING AND NO BOTTLED WATER*

Non-perishable Food
Can Openers
First Aid items
Cleaning Supplies
Canned Goods
New Bed Pillows
New Blankets

Box Fans
Utility Knives
Leather Work Gloves
Hand Sanitizer
Water Filters
Desalinization Devices
Water Purification Tablets 
Solar Panels
Solar Powered Phone Charger 

Bio lite Stove
Family Hygiene Kits
Baby Items/Supplies
Refillable Plastic Water Bottles
Porta Potties